Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Water in Your Ears after Swimming

Have you ever felt that annoying tickling sensation in your ears when there is water trapped in them? Or hear that sloshing sound when you tilt your head?

Clogged ears is a post-swimming discomfort that every swimmer has definitely felt before. It is inevitable for some water to get into our ears when we are in the pool.

Not only is clogged ears annoying, but having water stuck there can also lead to ear canal infections, a common one being the ‘Swimmer’s Ear’.

Here are the 5 best remedies for you to remove water from your ears in no time!

1. Pop Your Ears

The fast and easy way to get rid of water that anyone can try, is to pop your ears! This simple method has been termed the Valsalva Maneuver, and it can help to push water out of your ears.

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First, pinch your nostrils closed, take a deep breath and close your mouth thereafter.

Gently blow out of your nose until you hear a popping sound, which is caused by the pressure to your ears. This means that the Eustachian tubes (which connects your nasal passages to your middle ear) in your ears are opened, removing any water that is trapped inside.

Be careful not to exhale too fast or harshly, as that may hurt your eardrums!

2. Tilt Your Head and Add Pressure

This next remedy is commonly used and incredibly effective! By tilting your head to the side of your clogged ear and applying pressure to it, gravity will help to drain the water out of your ear.

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Tilt your head sideways such that the ear that is clogged is parallel to the ground. Sometimes, if the water is not stuck in your ear canal, the water will immediately flow out. You can try jumping or shaking your head to help with the process.

If there are still fluids, place your palm against you clogged ear and press hard for a few seconds before removing it. This action will create a temporary vacuum which can draw the water out of your ear.

Make sure that the clogged ear is facing down to the floor and not up, or you will only be forcing the water to seep into your ear canal further!

3. Use a Blow Dryer

Another solution that do not require much effort is to simply dry off the water! Blow dryer is a great choice as the warm air from the dryer can ‘pull away’ water vapour, thus removing water from your ears.

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Tug your ear lobe away from your face, and hold the blow dryer at least 30cm away from your ear. Ensure that the dryer is aimed directly into your ear canal, and stay in the position for about 30 seconds.

During this period, water will begin to drain from your ear. Repeat the process until all the water in your ear have dried up.

Do note that the blow dryer should be at the lowest setting, or else it may get too hot. Do not let the blow dryer touch your ear as that may cause a burn injury.

4. Use a Warm Towel

Similar to a blow dryer, using a warm towel can also open up the Eustachian tubes in your ears.

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Wet a cloth in hot water and wring off any excess water so that it is not dripping wet. Bring the warm cloth to the affected ear and press against it for 30 seconds.

Make sure the clogged ear is facing downward towards the ground in order for the water to drain out. Repeat this procedure until you no longer feel there is any water stuck in your ears!

5. Olive Oil

This may be a surprising tactic for many, but olive oil is great at repelling water and getting rid of them in your clogged ears. It also has anti-bacterial properties that can prevent your ears from getting infections.

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Image Credit: Getty Images

To do this, simply warm a bowl of olive oil. Using a clear dropper, drip a few drops of oil into your affected ear and leave it for 10 minutes. Thereafter, tilt your head to the side and let the oil and water drain out of your ear.

This is a great preventive measure that can be used in future swimming sessions as well. Just apply a couple drops of olive oil into your ears before you swim, and this will stop water from getting trapped!

With these five home remedies, clogged ears will be a thing of the past!

To prevent such issues from happening at all, you can consider wearing a swimming cap or using ear plugs when you spend time in the pool.

You can also purchase Konfidence Aquabands from us here. The Aquaband protects your ears from cold water and ear infection. It’s made of seamless neoprene material and comes with ear plugs. Suitable for children and adults.

Don’t let a simple problem such as clogged ears turn into a serious one like an ear infection.

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