5 Must-Have Experiences with your Toddler for A Happy Childhood

We know that the first few years of a child’s life is crucial. That’s when they grow the most. Happy experiences and secure relationships with family members during their childhood play a huge role in a child’s holistic development.

Besides ensuring that our children are future-ready, we should also make sure that their childhood is nothing short of beautiful memories.

From capturing precious memories to learning important life skills, here are 5 experiences you just can’t miss with your toddler during their childhood!

1. Capturing Memories 

What better way to preserve those precious childhood moments with your toddler than to have beautiful pictures taken during family outings, birthdays, and more!

As photographer Dorothea Lange once said, “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”.

Image Credit: Bambini Photography
Image Credit: Bambini Photography

Photographs are the best way to remember those wonderful times with your children. In future, you can look back at how much they’ve grown and reminisce those days.

Image Credit: Bambini Photography
Image Credit: Bambini Photography

Being behind the camera all the time also means missing out on the fun with your children.

Experts advise parents to consider hiring professional photographers for special family events, so you can relish in that moment with your family.

Regardless, get that camera ready before the toddler days slip away!

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2. Sing and Dance with the Lil’ One

Dancing and singing with your toddler can improve their mood. It’ll be a great way to bond with your child and they’ll surely remember such amazing memories.

As children struggle with expressing themselves through language at a young age, song and dance is another way for them to show how and what they’re feeling and thinking.

Image credit: Kindermusik with Love Studios
Image credit: Kindermusik with Love Studios

Not only that, participating in these activities with your child also boosts their confidence and creativity.

If you are seeking for a great place to learn music with your toddler, programmes like Kindermusik with Love Studios offers a great variety of music classes for parents and children.

Image credit: KinderMusik with Love Studios
Image credit: Kindermusik with Love Studios

As learning music requires time and perseverance, it also teaches your toddler discipline and patience. They learn to be attentive as they listen to the sounds being played. They’ll also have to wait for their turn to perform. What a beneficial experience!

So, what are you waiting for? Boogie away with your love one; you might discover a secret talent too!

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3. Out into the Waters 

Your toddler may seem too young for the pool, but you’ll be surprised to learn that children as young as 2 can start swimming classes!

Besides learning water safety skills that significantly reduce the risk of drowning, your child will stand to gain from improved cognitive functioning due to swimming lessons.

It’s been proven that swimming boosts physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development!

Image credit: Dreamstime
Image credit: Dreamstime

In fact, children who learn to swim from young often reach developmental milestones earlier than non-swimmers.

In this study by Griffith University in Australia, kids who swim have better fine motor skills (using pencils, drawing lines and shapes, cutting paper), can count to 10 ahead of kids their age, and have better language development.

Image credit: Dreamstime
Image credit: Dreamstime

Apart from acquiring such valuable skills, your child will also have the opportunity to engage in a fun way to learn and develop socialisation skills from interacting with peers in the swimming class!

If you are still uncertain, register for a free swim trial with Swim it Right today!

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4. Bedtime Stories

Learning to read at a young age can bring about multitudinous benefits, such as speech skills and language mastery. In addition, reading along or to your toddler during their childhood is an opportunity to bond and have fun together.

Image credit: Scarlett Ansley
Image credit: Scarlett Ansley

Children love to imitate others. By reading with your child, they can learn and pick up the right way to read the pages on a book. They may start to value the habit of reading and develop a love for reading as well!

However, with the countless books available in bookstores, finding the right books for your toddler might prove to be a time-consuming task.

Image credit: Josh and Cherie
Image credit: Josh and Cherie

You may also rely on book subscription services like Josh and Cherie for highly rated books. Soon, storytelling time will be what the family looks forward to every day!

Josh and Cherie
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5. Role-Play Away

Last but not the least, role-playing is an amazing experience for any toddler!

Not only is it fun and interactive, but it also helps to enhance imagination and communication skills.

When children put on costumes or play with props, they learn about empathy. It’ll open their mind to thinking and learning from a different perspective.

It also aids in their cognitive development as they learn to think on their feet and solve problems.

Image credit: The Honey Comber
Image credit: The Honey Comber

If you want to enjoy a realistic role-playing time with your toddler, head down to KidZania Singapore!

Image credit: UTrip
Image credit: UTrip

From fireman to a scientist, this enriching role-playing experience is not to be missed!

Address: 31 Beach View #01-01/02, Palawan Kidz City, Singapore 098008
Tel: 1800 653 6888
Email: share@kidzania.com.sg
Facebook: KidZania Singapore

Every parent wants the best for their children. But amidst these enriching activities with your precious little ones, remember to also have fun yourself!

Happiness is infectious. The more you enjoy these experiences alongside with your child, the more delighted your toddler will be as well!

So, take some time off and get right to planning these special events with your family today!

(Header Image Credits: Bambini Photography)

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